[maemo-users] Audio connection problem

From: Gary D Walborn gwalborn at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 14 14:02:20 EET 2008
I have also seen this problem.  I have a pair of headphones that are not
terribly efficient, so I bought a "Boostaroo" (sp?) amplifier.  I was
very disappointed to find out that when I did this, the noise on the
output of the Nokia 800 was sufficient make the experience unpleasant.
I also found the same when I tried to run the N800 thru my car stereo.
There seems to be a lot of background noise in the output of the N800
which becomes objectionable with just a little amplification.  My guess
is that it's a design problem.  If anyone comes up with a work-around,
please let me know.

Gary Walborn
gwalborn at gmail.com

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