[maemo-users] The Suspense Builds for the Wimax enabled Nokia Internet Tablet

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Date: Fri Mar 14 20:30:28 EET 2008



Also here is the url to an article that discusses a  Wibro (~WIMAX) 
product from Samsung:

And here is an article from the Thurs March13, 2008 edition of the 
Washington Post that is somewhat critical of the Internet Tablet type 
devices including the Nokia N800 and N810:


Here is the concluding text from that article:

>     Set aside the question of whether we should always be on the Web,
>     everywhere. How many different Web-capable devices do you want to
>     carry? We have a finite amount of space in our pockets and purses.
>     In that sense, handhelds like the N810 and the Mylo invite their
>     own extinction. They do their assigned jobs well enough, but other
>     devices that we're more likely to carry are ready to take over
>     that work. The N810's final role may be to test features that
>     later wind up on Nokia's cellphones, and the Mylo may do the same
>     for Sony's PlayStation Portable
>     <http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/related/topic/Sony+PSP?tid=informline>,
>     Walkman digital-media players and Sony Ericsson
>     <http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/related/topic/Sony+Ericsson+Mobile+Communications+AB?tid=informline>
>     phones.

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