[maemo-users] setting up the sdk

From: Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Date: Sun Mar 16 19:01:37 EET 2008
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I see in the scratchbox instructions some instructions for getting
something called sbrsh working.  It apparently needs nfs.  It makes the
mistake (in my mind) of telling you how to do it in Debian and RedHat, but
it *doesn't* just give plain-English instructions for what they want you to
do.  This is bad for me because I don't run either of those two, even
though I am good enough at using what I do have, I can't figure out what
they're asking me to do.  I am completely innocent of package tools on
Debian and RedHat, and don;'t see why I need to change that.  I would
hazard a guess that they're either asking me to install my platform's
nfs-tools, OR they're asking me to install those onto the scratchbox.  I'm
not clear on what that might involve, so

1) do I need that sbrsh thing?  I'm quite used to nfs, I like it, but I
have no idea what sbrsh is.

2) using something like meta-language, what is it they're asking me to do,
to install sbrsh?
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