[maemo-users] setting up the sdk

From: Janne Kataja janne.kataja at movial.fi
Date: Sun Mar 16 21:58:49 EET 2008
Chuck Robey wrote:
> 1) do I need that sbrsh thing?  I'm quite used to nfs, I like it, but I
> have no idea what sbrsh is.

No. You can use QEMU ARM emulator, which the installer script sets up by 
default. If you run into a specific problem, like some instructions not 
supported, then consider sbrsh. sshfs support is on the works.

Scratchbox Remote Shell (sbrsh) is used to provide CPU transparency for 
cross-compiling with Scratchbox. Instead of emulation, binaries are 
seamlessly run on the actual target hardware. This is useful for cases 
when QEMU user space emulation doesn't support some functionality 
properly. Scratchbox registers a helper to execute armel architecture 
binaries using the sbrsh command. Client sbrsh program connects to a 
remote machine running sbrshd server. After the server has authorized 
the connection, the client first requests it to mount a remote 
filesystem. When the filesystem has been mounted over network 
connection, the sbrshd server executes a binary given as argument to 
sbrsh client. Client sbrsh is typically run on host Linux machine where 
cross-compiling takes place. The server process sbrshd runs on target 

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