[maemo-users] setting up the sdk

From: Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Date: Sun Mar 16 22:11:12 EET 2008
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Janne Kataja wrote:
> Chuck Robey wrote:
>> 1) do I need that sbrsh thing?  I'm quite used to nfs, I like it, but I
>> have no idea what sbrsh is.
> No. You can use QEMU ARM emulator, which the installer script sets up by
> default. If you run into a specific problem, like some instructions not
> supported, then consider sbrsh. sshfs support is on the works.
> Scratchbox Remote Shell (sbrsh) is used to provide CPU transparency for
> cross-compiling with Scratchbox. Instead of emulation, binaries are
> seamlessly run on the actual target hardware. This is useful for cases
> when QEMU user space emulation doesn't support some functionality
> properly. Scratchbox registers a helper to execute armel architecture
> binaries using the sbrsh command. Client sbrsh program connects to a
> remote machine running sbrshd server. After the server has authorized
> the connection, the client first requests it to mount a remote
> filesystem. When the filesystem has been mounted over network
> connection, the sbrshd server executes a binary given as argument to
> sbrsh client. Client sbrsh is typically run on host Linux machine where
> cross-compiling takes place. The server process sbrshd runs on target
> hardware.
> Janne

Thanks for this.  I feel badly that I seem to be tripping all over every
possible mmistake, but I haven't any experience with any of the tools that
the sdk uses (especially sbox).   Anyhow, that got me past the sbox install
at last.
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