[maemo-users] sdk: finally, it's working great

From: Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Date: Tue Mar 18 00:38:28 EET 2008
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I thank everyone for all the help, I went and downloaded the most minimal
of items, the pager "less", and it just built right up without the least
problems.  All those packages I was never able to get working, because the
dependencies were always missing, they won't be missing any more!

Anyhow, one real question remains.  At home, I'm used to using scp to move
software around between my 4 computers, and since I have static IPs, it's
truly easy to do.  My problem is, my N800 is a 192.168 address, moves all
the time, and I don't know how to open an ssh session INTO the n800, or to
transfer software INTO it either.  Out of, that I can handle.  The best
reason for wanting the ssh session to start at my main host is because I
want to use the full sized keyboard there.

- From some of you folks who might be more used than I to using dynamic IPs,
how do you get around this problem?
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