[maemo-users] installing sdk on gentoo

From: Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Date: Tue Mar 18 04:26:18 EET 2008
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Scott Carr wrote:
> Quoting Chuck Robey <chuckr at chuckr.org>:
> I am still installing the sdk.  I have gotten to the point where it's
> asking me to install the Debian packages, and I'm not sure, is this an
> optional item, or could I pass it up?  I'm running Gentoo, and I really,
> really would NOT want to install a second package system onto this box.
> I'm just trying to find out if this part is optional, because I have tools
> on my gentoo box to convert rpm packages to .tar.gz things which I am far
> more comfortable with, and I wouldn't install any package system outside of
> Gentoo's portage, if it's in any way possible to operate the sdk without it.
> Thanks.

> I am using the VMWare image to do development on Gentoo.  Seemed like  
> the safest without messing up the normal Gentoo environment.  You can  
> run it through the VMWare Player.

Well, I appreciate the pointer, but you missed the question (I think ?),
which was, can you use the sdk WITHOUT installing either the Debian or
RedHat package tools?  I dislike them strongly, and would skip them if
there was any possible way to do that.  I already have a tool called
rpm2targz on my Gentoo system, you can just guess what that does, huh?

Regardless, appreciate it.
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