[maemo-users] Encrypted filesystem/containers on N8*0 ?

From: Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Date: Thu Mar 20 03:49:50 EET 2008
Are there any encrypted filesystems that work on the Nokia tablets ?

With all the buzz about people losing laptops with reams of HR records 
etc. it seems having an encrypted FS on an eminently losable device such 
as a tablet would be a good idea. While gpg can be used to encrypt single 
files, it is a real pain if you have lots of temporary files like a 
browser cache, and you have to remember to clean up plaintext with "shred 

I've used BestCrypt on my Linux desktop and laptops for the last few 
years. At the time it seemed the only thing that worked, and I've kept 
going out of inertia, but it's nonfree on Windows and uses x86 
precompiled kernel modules ("taints the kernel").

How it works is that you create an encrypted container file (or a raw 
device), then create a filesystem on it (ext2, VFAT, etc.) and mount it.
You give a password to mount the container, after which you have a 
normal-looking filesystem which can contain things like 
.mozilla/xyzdefault/cache and /tmp. I guess you could put /home on it, 
but earlier versions were insufficiently robust to risk it.

(For the paranoid, there was recent buzz about people pulling data such 
as disk encryption keys out of RAM by cooling it, power-cycling then 
booting an alternate low-footprint OS - e.g. if someone steals your 
laptop when it's suspended or on)

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