[maemo-users] Encrypted filesystem/containers on N8*0 ?

From: Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Date: Thu Mar 20 17:19:34 EET 2008
Andrew Daviel wrote:
> Are there any encrypted filesystems that work on the Nokia tablets ?
> With all the buzz about people losing laptops with reams of HR records 
> etc. it seems having an encrypted FS on an eminently losable device such 
> as a tablet would be a good idea. While gpg can be used to encrypt single 
> files, it is a real pain if you have lots of temporary files like a 
> browser cache, and you have to remember to clean up plaintext with "shred 
> -u".
> I've used BestCrypt on my Linux desktop and laptops for the last few 
> years. At the time it seemed the only thing that worked, and I've kept 
> going out of inertia, but it's nonfree on Windows and uses x86 
> precompiled kernel modules ("taints the kernel").
> How it works is that you create an encrypted container file (or a raw 
> device), then create a filesystem on it (ext2, VFAT, etc.) and mount it.
> You give a password to mount the container, after which you have a 
> normal-looking filesystem which can contain things like 
> .mozilla/xyzdefault/cache and /tmp. I guess you could put /home on it, 
> but earlier versions were insufficiently robust to risk it.
> (For the paranoid, there was recent buzz about people pulling data such 
> as disk encryption keys out of RAM by cooling it, power-cycling then 
> booting an alternate low-footprint OS - e.g. if someone steals your 
> laptop when it's suspended or on)
Pretty sure TrueCrypt works, and I remember seeing work being done on 
porting a GUI on internet tablet talk.com


Ryan Pavlik

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