[maemo-users] Abiword on N8x0 (was: Bluetooth Keyboard?)

From: Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Date: Fri Mar 21 21:50:01 EET 2008
Mark wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 11:15 AM, Ryan Pavlik <abiryan at ryand.net> wrote:
>>  It's been said before in many places, but it doesn't hurt to say it
>>  again.  If you have a document that doesn't load, please attach it to a
>>  bug report, preferably simplified as much as possible to only have the
>>  part that doesn't work right.  This is the only way we can improve, and
>>  reports with samples are taken more seriously since it makes it easier
>>  to see what is going on.
>>  Ryan
>>  --
>>  Ryan Pavlik
>>  www.cleardefinition.com
> You're missing the point. If I need to open a document (often someone
> else's), edit it, then pass it on to someone else immediately,
> attaching the document to a bug report is:
> 1) Not going to get my work done.
> and
> 2) Not going to make my work any easier.
> But it's not a matter of a document not loading. Mostly what I've
> experienced is that the document loaded just fine, but either major
> elements were completely missing, or at the very least I had to fiddle
> with the margins to correct the pagination and the sizing of other
> elements (such as tables and photos) to correct the layout. Then there
> was the total absence of several features/functions that I use
> constantly in OOo and/or Word.
> But I intend to try the latest version of Abiword, and if the
> situation has changed I will certainly report back to the list and
> give it the plug it deserves.
> Mark
No, I understand that attaching a sample doc to a bug report doesn't 
help you get work done now.  I am asking you (or anyone else with 
similar problems) to make an additional effort to contribute, so that in 
the future, when you want to get work done, it does work in the way you 
want.  It's a long term, not a short term, solution, but it'll be even 
longer-term if we don't get the documents that don't work.

Ryan Pavlik

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