[maemo-users] Abiword on N8x0 (was: Bluetooth Keyboard?)

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 22 05:09:42 EET 2008
On 3/21/08, Ryan Pavlik <abiryan at ryand.net> wrote:

> No, I understand that attaching a sample doc to a bug report doesn't
>  help you get work done now.  I am asking you (or anyone else with
>  similar problems) to make an additional effort to contribute, so that in
>  the future, when you want to get work done, it does work in the way you
>  want.  It's a long term, not a short term, solution, but it'll be even
>  longer-term if we don't get the documents that don't work.
> Ryan Pavlik
>  www.cleardefinition.com

Well, I just installed Abiword 2.4.6 on my desktop machine, and
proceeded to try to open one of my typical 12-page documents. More
than an hour later, the little "wait" icon is still going 'round and
'round, and the document window is still empty. I think it's safe to
say at this point that it's not going to work at all. (It's an odt

And no, I can't send the document to you, because it's full of
sensitive information. I forgot about that aspect, but it's just one
of several reasons why your demand for people to send in troublesome
documents just isn't reasonable or realistic. I'm sorry, but that's
the reality of it.

I still may try it on my N800 for plain text files, because using vi
is excruciatning without a proper keyboard.


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