[maemo-users] Problem with canola2 beta7

From: Ove Nordström ove at ojn.se
Date: Sat Mar 22 17:55:38 EET 2008
When I start canola nothing happen, no main menu.
I started from a xtem window and get this:
~ $ canola
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "ecore.c_ecore_timer.pxi", line 12, in ecore.c_ecore.timer_cb
  File "ecore.c_ecore_timer.pxi", line 74, in ecore.c_ecore.Timer._exec
  File "plugins/canola-core/main/controller.py", line 220, in _lazy_init
  File "plugins/canola-core/main/controller.py", line 304, in _setup_sub_controllers
  File "/controller.py", line 133, in get_controller_for_model
  File "plugins/canola-core/main_menu/ui.py", line 195, in __init__
  File "plugins/canola-core/main_menu/ui.py", line 213, in _load_models
  File "/model.py", line 277, in load
  File "plugins/canola-core/utils/model.py", line 21, in do_load
  File "plugins/canola-core/utils/model.py", line 36, in _load_ordered
  File "plugins/canola-core/podcast/model.py", line 1157, in __init__
  File "plugins/canola-core/podcast/model.py", line 1202, in check_db_version
  File "plugins/canola-core/podcast/model.py", line 1192, in migrate
OperationalError: table episodes_backup has 12 columns but 11 values were supplied

what to do?


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