[maemo-users] Abiword on N8x0

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sat Mar 22 22:35:43 EET 2008
James Knott wrote:
> Mark wrote:
>> I still may try it on my N800 for plain text files, because using vi
>> is excruciatning without a proper keyboard.
> Is Emacs available for the N800? ;-)

Someone was doing one, and it's in one of the pages: I downloaded it but 
it hung in the osso xterm. I mailed him and he said he was recompiling, 
but I never heard back.

I can't pursue it myself as I don't have the toolchain or the skills 
required, but what's needed is the equivalent of the standard GTK GNU 
Emacs so that the menus work (ie *not* the dumb terminal version). I 
have no idea if this is even possible.

It also needs to be able to load and run standard .el/.elc code so that 
the expected modes work properly. This may be too much to ask, but it 
would be a pity as it's the only tool missing from the N800.


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