[maemo-users] New N810 - worst purchase I've made this year.

From: Chris Van covand at gmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 26 20:03:09 EET 2008
Question - what is the official stance on

1) GPS not working since the latest upgrade to OS2008


2) LEAP on MSCHAP2 wifi not working (I mean, the device is advertised as
being able to use wifi)

I just bought it about a week ago, and GPS worked great - until I updated
from Nokia. I shouldn't really have to say it, but being told that the
device can get on wifi and then finding that it can't use LEAP - which most
offices I've ever visited use - is kind of a bait and switch. Plus, my $19
gps device I bought at wal-mart two years ago is able to connect, but the
N810 is not.

I'm just wondering what Nokia/Maemo has to say about these issues, because
I'm looking at returning the device if these features aren't being fixed by
Nokia/Maemo soon.
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