[maemo-users] New N810 - worst purchase I've made this year.

From: mathew meta at pobox.com
Date: Thu Mar 27 05:48:30 EET 2008
On Mar 26, 2008, at 13:03, Chris Van wrote:
> 2) LEAP on MSCHAP2 wifi not working (I mean, the device is  
> advertised as being able to use wifi)
> I just bought it about a week ago, and GPS worked great - until I  
> updated from Nokia. I shouldn't really have to say it, but being  
> told that the device can get on wifi and then finding that it can't  
> use LEAP - which most offices I've ever visited use - is kind of a  
> bait and switch.

LEAP is a proprietary Cisco protocol. The standard is WPA. I hardly  
think it's Nokia's fault that Cisco don't provide drivers for their  
non-standard protocol.


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