[maemo-users] Newbie to maemo lookig for advice

From: Lake Stevens Dental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Fri May 16 16:35:55 EEST 2008
Arnau Bria wrote:
>  so I was looking for amsn/gaim/wathever, Claws-mail, browser
> with tab support, mplayer.... something with basic apps and more similar
> to my laptop/pc.
 MPlayer for the tablets works fine, as does Claws mail.  Both probably 
appear in Application Manager installable programs.  If an installable 
program it doesn't appear there, it typically shows up with appropriate 
links in the Maemo.org downloadable programs, or in the Maemo garage.

FYI, Claws for the tablets does offer non-tabbed html viewing -- it's 
html viewer doesn't currently allow zooming, which means the small print 
can be hard to read.  But otherwise it's decent. Now that I've got my 
gCalendar running, I'm hoping Claws calendar plug-in can work with it 
offline.  My wife and daughter are wandering around Europe with my 
tablet so they can call me over the internet, so I'll have to wait for a 
week or so to see what does or doesn't work in the Claws calendar plugin.

  There's a variety of good media players available -- some may require 
mplayer to work. One of the limitations that newbs typically bump into 
in video playback is the limits size of video frames that can be 
processed.  There are several good desktop programs that convert large 
format video (and DVDs) into tablet sized video.  A full DVD can be 
crunched into 300M file for tablet viewing.  Desktop processing speed in 
required for these operations. 

  As for removing default apps, many can be removed thru application 
manager.  At this point, some can't be removed, their part of the 
'system'.  It's possible to store some programs and data (like Claws 
email folders) somewhere outside of your internal memory.  If you've got 
a Class 6 or faster SDHC 8G or 16G card in your internal memory (on the 
n800), and a companion card in your external memory, you should have 
plenty of room and speed for all sorts of programs and data.  The n810s 
micro cards are also fine, but get a bit expensive in large memory 
formats, although that is changing. 

One app that I find I can't live without is the application launcher 
that lives in the Maemo garage.  It allows you to have small icons on 
your desktop home for quick launching programs.  It could use an update 
to add transparency and touch up a few things, but generally works fine. 
IMHO, something like it ought to be one of the default apps.  It's like 
the speed launch bar one has one most desktop OSs.  


Always, Dr Fred C
drfredc at drfredc.com

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