[maemo-users] Newbie to maemo lookig for advice

From: Arnau Bria arnaubria at pic.es
Date: Fri May 16 17:07:39 EEST 2008
On Fri, 16 May 2008 06:35:55 -0700
Lake Stevens Dental wrote:

>  MPlayer for the tablets works fine, as does Claws mail.  Both
> probably appear in Application Manager installable programs.  If an
> installable program it doesn't appear there, it typically shows up
> with appropriate links in the Maemo.org downloadable programs, or in
> the Maemo garage.

It does not appear in mine, but I should update my repos. No matter
about that.

> FYI, Claws for the tablets does offer non-tabbed html viewing -- it's 
> html viewer doesn't currently allow zooming, which means the small
> print can be hard to read.  But otherwise it's decent. Now that I've
> got my gCalendar running, I'm hoping Claws calendar plug-in can work
> with it offline.  My wife and daughter are wandering around Europe
> with my tablet so they can call me over the internet, so I'll have to
> wait for a week or so to see what does or doesn't work in the Claws
> calendar plugin.

Thanks for the info.
Now that talked about internet call, I must study this issue too.

>   There's a variety of good media players available -- some may
> require mplayer to work. One of the limitations that newbs typically
> bump into in video playback is the limits size of video frames that
> can be processed.  There are several good desktop programs that
> convert large format video (and DVDs) into tablet sized video.  A
> full DVD can be crunched into 300M file for tablet viewing.  Desktop
> processing speed in required for these operations. 

Mmm... my idea is not running movies but some home-made video. You
know, party ones, etc...

>   As for removing default apps, many can be removed thru application 
> manager.  At this point, some can't be removed, their part of the 
> 'system'.  

That was my point... I don't know which is the "base system". I can
play around and find it myelf, for sure.

> It's possible to store some programs and data (like Claws 
> email folders) somewhere outside of your internal memory.  
Wait a second, maybe I have lost some info...

I'm booting from my MMC card, but, if I install something now, where is
it going to be placed? in internal card?¿?¿? how?

> If you've
> got a Class 6 or faster SDHC 8G or 16G card in your internal memory
> (on the n800), and a companion card in your external memory, you
> should have plenty of room and speed for all sorts of programs and
> data.  The n810s micro cards are also fine, but get a bit expensive
> in large memory formats, although that is changing. 

Yep, but for now I have a 2GB card, enough for playing around and put
there many mnay programs... not much data but programs.

> One app that I find I can't live without is the application launcher 
> that lives in the Maemo garage.  It allows you to have small icons on 
> your desktop home for quick launching programs.  It could use an
> update to add transparency and touch up a few things, but generally
> works fine. IMHO, something like it ought to be one of the default
> apps.  It's like the speed launch bar one has one most desktop OSs.  
I must take a look at maemo garage! did not know its existence!!!

Really, many thanks for your explanations!


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