[maemo-users] policy: maemo packaging policy -draft

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Wed May 28 10:32:22 EEST 2008

A draft version of the "maemo packaging policy" is available
for commenting:

If you're packaging software for maemo, please take a look at it.

As stated in the policy document, the comments and questions on this
policy should be mailed to the maemo-developers mailing list with
word "policy" in the subject.

If you have a proposal for a policy update or an addition (e.g.
concerning public repositories), after the discussion on the mailing
list has reached a conclusion, please formulate a summary to a Wiki or
www-page and mail link to the page to mailing list.  Later on these
pages can be linked under "Proposals" section in the policy Wiki.

The policy Wiki pages will be created once the Wiki re-org/transition
has been completed.  The maemo-policy package referred in the document
will also come later.

This policy document is modeled after Debian policy manual and makes
frequent references to it, so it's recommended to browse through that

	- Eero

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