[maemo-users] Digitiser problems.

From: Peter peter at dps-darwin.com.au
Date: Wed May 28 16:43:31 EEST 2008

I have problem with the N810 that I have been unable to resolve and am hoping for some pointers and it is really detracting from enjoying this rather kewl device. I have found that as time has passed I have been less and less able to digitise the devise. When I can get through the process it is great for a short time only.

It has now got to the extent that I cannot completed the digitising process.

I have no idea of what I should do next. I have looked on the web but it doesn't appear to be a problem out there. I have re-flashed the device and removed all the software. No luck.

Is there something I should be doing???

I am not sure of who at nokia I should be talking too. I have been to the Oz nokia site and filled in a web form that fails when you finally submit it.
I suspect it maybe a hardware problem and may have to be sent to nokia for repair/ replacement but I have no idea how to get the ball going. And most of all I am still hopeful that I can find a fix that won't require to give up my device. I will be lost without it.

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