[maemo-users] Metro on N 810

From: COURTAUD Didier didier.courtaud at cea.fr
Date: Wed Nov 19 16:51:51 EET 2008
I am trying to use Metro on my tablet.

For that , i have installed the Garmet VM available at http://www.access-company.com/products/gvm/

and then the Palm version of Metro http://nanika.net/Metro/index-en.html

Everythinh works fine at the beginning : I have created a directory containing only the metro.prc file and a Metro.pdf file

Garnet WM runs on the tablet; I install Metro on Garnet : OK

But when I lauch Metro, a window appears saying "No town selected"

as if the .pdb file is not read ?

Anyone experienced this installation and make it workd ?


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