[maemo-users] Diablo mail application bug?

From: Dirk-Jan.Binnema at nokia.com Dirk-Jan.Binnema at nokia.com
Date: Thu Nov 20 09:50:40 EET 2008
Hi Henrik,

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> From: ext Henrik Frisk [mailto:frisk.h at gmail.com] 

> >> Modest.
> >>
> [snip]
> >> There should be three buttons.
> >>
> >>   'Save draft and close', 'Close without saving', 
> 'Continue editing'

> (Search (ctrl-E in Modest) presents three buttons...)
> Problem to me is that the 'Cancel' button doesn't cancel the operation
> that initiated the dialog: the closing of the window. I'm not going to
> make this a big issue but I find it really confusing although I can
> see the driving force behind it is consistency. Even hitting the right
> button (that is, "OK") forces the user to change folder and reopen the
> mail.

I agree that 'Cancel' is confusing here; but as I explained, inertia is
quite high. Which is not to say that we shouldn't try to improve this.

> > ii)  even in english, the names are quite long; in many 
> other languages
> >     these longer names may not fit on the screen.
> >
> > However, I agree that 'Cancel' is misleading here. But at 
> least, after
> > loosing your mail once, one will not forget...
> >
> I'm not going to argue that I'm representative, but I don't seem to
> learn at all. I use emacs for most of my work and ctrl-W means
> something else there. As a result I unintentionally close windows
> quite often. And I intentinally click "Cancel" every time thinking
> it's the right thing to do...

Hmmm... maybe cua-mode would be good for you?

> I thought it was a mistake, but if it isn't, I'll try to learn!

good luck!

best wishes,

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