[maemo-users] the hell of Maemo repos

From: Dmitry S. Makovey dimon at makovey.net
Date: Sat Nov 22 07:19:26 EET 2008
Mark Haury wrote:
> Everybody who owns one of these tablets is not a developer. 
according to original poster he was after Kismet. That is not a toy your
"average" user would install. He did know what he was asking for. He did
know about etiquette on ML and he should've checked the facts before
accusing people. Mark, you didn't help the cause - you've inflamed issue
too. Sorry, that's the sad truth.

I'm involved to a different degree with different Linux and *BSD
distributions (porting applications and such) and My first reaction was
exactly like Ryan's: why didn't you ask repo owner? Seriously - having
no affiliations with Nokia and being far from delusional about Nokia's
goals (like any other company) I think that this flame-ball was rolling
out for nothing. Eko was responsible for providing service to community.
Eko was the one who delivered package in the first place. Eko decided to
take it offline without much comment or advising substitute solutions.
You SHOULD BE ASKING EKO. Fact that nobody else has a mirror of eko's
content is a fault of ... wait for it.... EKO.

I've got my issues with Maemo and Nokia's handling of the platform, but
this one has nothing to do with Nokia. It is clearly repo owner's

I wouldn't be surprised if repo owner took message from Nokia (no matter
how polite it was written) for "cease and desist" message give the fact
that his native tongue is polish.

Here, I'll ask him for you to get information about why did he not move
contents of his repo to Extras. I'll report later with his response.

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