[maemo-users] the hell of Maemo repos

From: Mark Haury wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 22 20:27:40 EET 2008
On 11/21/08, Dmitry S. Makovey <dimon at makovey.net> wrote:
> Mark Haury wrote:
>  > Everybody who owns one of these tablets is not a developer.
> according to original poster he was after Kismet. That is not a toy your
>  "average" user would install. He did know what he was asking for. He did
>  know about etiquette on ML and he should've checked the facts before
>  accusing people. Mark, you didn't help the cause - you've inflamed issue
>  too. Sorry, that's the sad truth.

...except this  is not an isolated incident. I've had similar
experiences. Sometimes  a "simple" update of one app through App
Manager is enough to cause problems.

As for reflashing, Chinook is still better than Diablo as far as
stability and certain apps working properly. I've had my tablet long
enough that it came with Bora, and there were compelling reasons to
upgrade to Chinook. The final Chinook upgrade was a nightmare because
the backup/restore didn't work and I had to reinstall everything from
scratch. The only compelling reason to upgrade to Diablo thus far is
the "flashless" updates, except people have been reporting similar
breakage with those...

So get off your high horse: these issues affect everybody, including
the novices.


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