[maemo-users] the hell of Maemo repos

From: Dmitry S. Makovey dimon at makovey.net
Date: Sat Nov 22 07:50:40 EET 2008
sebastian maemo wrote:
> Yes, I was a bit stressed maybe because every semester I have the same
> problem when I happen to reflash my Nokia 770 and am unable to find the
> fucking packages I need for my fucking unusable tablet... Sorry about that
> and my stressed unpolite fucking language...
first of all: why do you reflash your 770? Ever since I've got my 800 I
have reflashed it exactly once - to get Diablo. Is there some specific
requirement of 770 to reflash it so often? Is that because of the fact
that pre-diablo systems can't be upgraded without reflash?

Secondly: you seem to know which packages you want/like/use. Why don't
you have them handy someplace safe? every linux system I own (which is
much more than one) has a "cache" of packages I have installed currently
in one form or another so that in case my system/internet/something else
goes in flames - I can rebuild safely. You reflash your device - you
know you will need packages you have installed currently, why do you not
keep copy of them? You seem like an "advanced" kind of person. It's a
common sense, considering you've ran into that problem before.

Instead of accusing Nokia I would suggest to go to the "source" of the
problem and ask repo maintainers for reasons why repo has disappeared
and what are the alternative solutions if any. Just going around and
blaming the biggest elephant in the zoo is not going to bring back to
life your goat that escaped over the fence. Yes, situation with repos is
a Zoo and Nokia is the biggest animal there so it is convenient to yell
at them at all times, but not always is it their fault. I'm an N800
user. I shot my foot off on more than one occasion just because I've
decided to get "adventurous" and include or enable something Nokia has
very little (if any) control over. Would I want Nokia to seize control
and protect me from myself? No. I want to be able to screw up and learn
from it. What you're asking is for Nokia to take full controll. No
apples here thankyouverymuch. I like my eco-system exactly the way it
is. Repos are responsible for their content and are should answer to
their users. Nokia is (as a repo owner) reponsible for content in it's
*own* repos and it should remain that way. I applaud their effort
consolidating repos, however I don't expect that Nokia will have all
repos consolidated. And *that* is up to repo owners. Repo owner took
repo offline - ask them.

Sorry for intermixing Nokia and Maemo.org - for simplicity of the
argument I think it's quite obvious what I'm trying to say.

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