[maemo-users] Default PIM software

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sun Nov 23 14:39:25 EET 2008
Andrew Flegg wrote:
> The built in "Internet Call". It works very well when your wife/son
> have an N810 at home, and you're working until 11pm practically every
> night for 3 weeks. Being able to say "night night" to my toddler's the
> only thing which has kept me (vaguely) sane.

That's a very excellent reason. Unfortunately I don't know anyone else 
who has an N8** (present company excepted :-). If Pidgin and/or aMSN or 
anything else with a widely-used video protocol works in Diablo with the 
camera then that solves the problem.

> As Quim's asked before - what are you using to define "PIM"? The only
> PIMish apps which ship with Maemo are Contacts and, arguably, Email.

I'm surprised the question has to be asked. PIM apps universally are 
Contacts and Calendar, but they have to link to each other plus whatever 
you use for Browser, Email, and IM/SIP, which are not themselves PIM 
apps. That is, adding a new contact (or updating an existing one) should 
link the email address to the email app, the phone number to the SIP 
app, the userid to the IM app, the homepage to the browser, and the 
birthday to the Calendar (or link them the other way, whichever is 
appropriate). Equally, changing one of those values in one of the apps 
should be reflected in the other[s]. Calendar, for example, needs to 
distinguish between events and appointments, allow multi-day events, 
recurrent events, and provide for both copy and move functions. Contacts 
needs to provide for linking between related people (co-workers, family, 
etc), multiple phone numbers, email addresses, etc...

Sorry, that's all OT: this is no place to write the spec, but I am 
slightly puzzled as to why anyone would ask: this is all basic, 
fundamental usability stuff. Of course all that linking isn't going to 
work with everything to start with, not until the individual authors, 
especially the more corporate ones, get off their high horses about pet 
favourite file formats for config files, and start using a common 
standard. But an effort should be made. As I said, I'm no longer a 
programmer; I'm a document engineer, and I write specs and docs, so once 
my degree is out of the way (mid 2009) I am happy to give some time to 
this if it would help.

>> No PDA-sized browser is going to support all the hopelessly-broken web
>> pages out there in the way that FF does, alas. But a version of
>> Javascript that worked properly would be nice.
> Eh? Define "worked properly": microb's JavaScript engine is perfectly
> fine, and, IME, browsing is only hamstrung by CPU performance, memory
> usage and screen size (and, to a degree, screen resolution).

"Work properly" :== behave the same way as the JavaScript in FF does.

OK, so that breaks on JScript and other excrescences, but it's an 
accepted level of behaviour.

I only have experience with the JavaScript that comes by default with 
the default browser for OS2007: I don't know if this is microb's 
JavaScript or not. This often fails to position stuff where FF does (at 
the same rez), and fails frequently to instantiate buttons and menus 
that can be clicked (they're visible but don't operate). Maybe upgrading 
to Diablo will fix this: I haven't dug into what browser comes with that.


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