[maemo-users] Default PIM software

From: Ryan Abel rabelg5 at gmail.com
Date: Sun Nov 23 14:44:25 EET 2008
On Nov 23, 2008, at 7:39 AM, Peter Flynn wrote:

> I only have experience with the JavaScript that comes by default with
> the default browser for OS2007: I don't know if this is microb's
> JavaScript or not. This often fails to position stuff where FF does  
> (at
> the same rez), and fails frequently to instantiate buttons and menus
> that can be clicked (they're visible but don't operate). Maybe  
> upgrading
> to Diablo will fix this: I haven't dug into what browser comes with  
> that.

It's a really old version of Opera, noted, primarily, for its god- 
awful js compatibility and performance. :)

Ryan Abel
Maemo Community Council chair

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