[maemo-users] Full screen non-Hildon X applications possible?

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Sun Aug 2 22:38:08 EEST 2009
Eric S Fraga wrote:
> At Sun, 19 Jul 2009 12:53:36 +0200,
> Damien Challet wrote:
>> It is possible to have any (windowed) application with xbindkeys and wmctrl in 
>> full screen, 
>> google 
>> wmctrl maemo xbindkeys
>> it works very well for emacs, nxclient, etc.
> Excellent.  Thanks.  I'll pursue this avenue.

Did you find out how to do this? Googling returns nothing except this 
thread, a lot of repo listings, and some pages in japanese...

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