[maemo-users] spontaneous reboot while charging

From: Jeffrey Mark Siskind qobi at purdue.edu
Date: Mon Aug 10 04:12:48 EEST 2009
Thanks Frantisek & Mark. I'm cc'ing Rainer from the thread on maemo developers
since I'm not able to post there. (Rainer: see my post on maemo users for
context.) Any help, especially from Nokia devs, would be appreciated.

   Charging is possible when device is booted normally to desktop {i.e. you
   use it and then plug the charger in while it is on) or there is special
   charging only mode when you plug in the charge when device is off. I'm
   not sure which of those two ways of charging you use.

   I guess those reboots happen in charging only mode but I am not sure. If
   this is so, try to plug the charger in only when the device is turned on
   to avoid that special charging only mode. If battery is low and device
   turns itself off before fully booted, turn it on via power button and
   plug the charger in immediatelly after screen lights up.

With the original factory battery, I usually charge when booted to the
desktop. It is in that mode that I see spontaneous reboots. The reboots happen
when the device is fully booted and happen approximately every few minutes
(a reboot takes maybe 20 to 30 seconds) and each reboot succeeds in getting
back to the desktop.

The reboots don't always happen. And I haven't figured out what situations
they happen in. I have a hunch that it might be related to email. I have a
WiFi access point at home and about the time the reboots started happening I
changed my setup to configure the N810 to automatically connect and
periodially fetch email (with the standard Chinook software from the standard
Chinook menus).

With the original battery, I sometimes, but rarely, charge when the device is
off (with the green LED and the white battery icon and the word Charging on
the black screen). That is usually successful but sometimes (but not always
and quite rarely) I have observed that the device will spontaneously boot when
in that device off charging mode.

With the newly purchased non-Nokia battery (Cameron Sino Technology Model No.
CS-NK4LSL Part No. BP-4L) , I have never been able to boot. I remove the
original factory battery, let charge drain for a minutes or so, insert the new
battery, and plug in the charger. The device does not go into charging
mode. The green LED does not come on and the white battery icon does not show
up.  Instead, I get a white screen with a little grey 770 icon, the blue word
Nokia, and a grey wrench. That appears for a few seconds and then disappears
and then reappears.  It flashes on and off at about a 1 or 2 second duty cycle
ten times and then eventually stops. (When I charge the original factory
battery in device off mode, after the white screen with the little grey 770
icon, the blue word Nokia, and the grey wrench appears for a second or two,
some green text appears with version numbers, and a blue progress indicator
appears along the bottom of the screen. It then switches to the blank screen,
with the small white battery icon and charging logo. With the non-Nokia
battery, I never get either, i.e. I never get beyond the first white screen
with the grey 770 icon and the grey wrench and it repeatedly flashes that
screen ten times before stopping.)  When it stops, the screen is blank (no
white charging icon), it does not respond to any button presses (even the
power button), and there is no green LED. I have let it sit in that mode
overnight and it doesn't charge the battery.

   I'd guess it is a software problem (and reflashing may help as a last
   resort). Same problem was also discussed in thread "N800 Power cycles"
   last month in maemo-developers.

Does this give any indication as to what is happening?

user at oguguisi>cat /proc/bootreason

user at oguguisi>ls /var/lib/dsme/stats

32wd_to             lifeguard_resets    lifeguard_restarts  sw_rst
user at oguguisi>cat /var/lib/dsme/stats/32wd_to

user at oguguisi>cat /var/lib/dsme/stats/lifeguard_resets

/usr/bin/Xomap -mouse tslib -nozap -dpi 96 -wr -nolisten tcp : 1 
/usr/bin/bme_RX-44 :  107 *
user at oguguisi>cat /var/lib/dsme/stats/lifeguard_restarts

/usr/bin/hildon-desktop  :  8 
/usr/bin/osso-connectivity-ui-conndlgs  : 1 
/usr/bin/hildon-input-method  :  5 
/usr/sbin/ke-recv :  4 *
/usr/bin/esd :  6 
/usr/sbin/multimediad  :  6 
/usr/sbin/dsp_dld -p --disable-restart -c /lib/dsp/dsp_dld_avs.conf :  6 
/usr/bin/metalayer-crawler -F : 1 
/usr/bin/matchbox-window-manager -theme default -use_titlebar yes -use_desktop_mode plain -use_lowlight no -use_cursor yes -use_dialog_mode static -use_super_modal yes : 1 
/usr/bin/clipboard-manager  : 1 
user at oguguisi>cat /var/lib/dsme/stats/sw_rst

user at oguguisi>

   I've been having battery and charging issues with my N800 for a while
   now, and have experienced the same symptoms you describe. I bought a
   new genuine Nokia battery but it didn't make any difference. The most
   annoying thing is that it stopped charging from anything but the
   factory charger. I can't charge in the car (unless I use an inverter
   with the factory charger) or from a USB port any more.

This is worrisome and indicates that something in the charging hardware might
wear out over time.

   Mine came out of the reboot cycle after I took the battery out and
   left it out for a long time a couple of times. After a bunch of
   attempts it finally booted with the charger plugged in.

How long did you leave the battery out? I've left it out for about a minute
but still have never been able to charge the new non-Nokia battery.

   It was really scary because the battery was almost dead and every time
   I plugged in the charger it immediately went into the reboot loop. I
   now have a spare battery...

I need to get a new battery because my original factory battery doesn't hold
much charge anymore. But I can't get it to charge the non-Nokia battery. Does
anybody know how I can get it to charge the non-Nokia battery? Or will I be
more successful if I buy a Nokia replacement battery?

    Jeff (http://www.ece.purdue.edu/~qobi)
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