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From: Marieke Streefkerk marieke at fronteerstrategy.com
Date: Tue Aug 11 11:24:23 EEST 2009
Hello, I would like to post the following to the Maemo users  
mailinglist. I have already made this post within the 'Talk' section,  
and the Maemo Community Counsil informed me that I could also reach  
the Maemo users by this mailinglist.
If there is anything else I should provide, please let me know.

kind regs,

Marieke Streefkerk

For all Maemo users: Open invitation to co-create at Maemo Summit 2009

Hello everybody,

my name is Marieke Streefkerk and I work for Fronteer Strategy, a  
strategy and innovation consultancy in Amsterdam. We (Fronteer  
Strategy) are currently doing a co-creation project with Nokia that is  
linked to the Maemo Summit 2009 in Amsterdam. During this co-creation  
project we will bring together outside experts and lead-users and  
people from Nokia to collaboratively think about future concepts for  
Maemo Devices. For this, and that is the most exciting part, we would  
like to involve the Maemo community. I thereby mean sharing ideas with  
you, developing concepts with you, having discussions, involving you  
in the process, getting feedback, etc.

On the 8th of October there will be a one-day co-creation workshop in  
Amsterdam (at the same location as the Maemo Summit), which Fronteer  
Strategy will facilitate. This is an 'expert' or 'lead-user' co- 
creation workshop. During this day we will invite 8-10 outside  
experts, both Maemo and non-Maemo community members, who will work  
together with the Nokia team on developing new concepts and assess the  
potential of an existing Nokia concept. The fact that we will work  
with a select group of people on this day doesn't mean that you cannot  
be part of it.

The center-point of the co-creation project is this one-day co- 
creation workshop, but we will involve the Maemo Community before and  
after this day. Nokia wants to open up the results to a wide audience,  
therefore the results of the co-creation workshop will be shared  
during the Maemo Summit as well as online, allowing all Maemo  
Community members to participate and share their thoughts. This part  
of the schedule is also already placed on the Schedule for Day 2  
(Maemo Co-Creation) by Jussi Mäkinen.
We will also try to involve you as much as possible before the Maemo  

So to summarize, you can be part of this project, in many ways:
you can participate online, also if you're not joining the Summit in  
you can participate in the co-creation workshop
you can participate during the Maemo Summit
you can recommend people whom you think are suit to participate in the  
workshop or the discussions online

So far my introduction. In the following weeks, I'd like to get to  
know you better and hope to hear if this projects sounds like  
something you are interested in.
I will also post more information about the project and be glad to  
answer any questions you have or hear any suggestions that you have.
I hope that you will become as enthusiastic as I am on working  
together on this.

Kind regards,

on behalf of Nokia and Fronteer Strategy,

Marieke Streefkerk

Marieke Streefkerk
Fronteer Strategy
Prinsengracht 76, 1015 DX  Amsterdam
T   +31 20 475 0555   M  +31 61 502 3805

Co-create with experts? www.welcometorooftop.com

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