[maemo-users] Update on the Maemo Summit co-creation project - what to expect

From: Marieke Streefkerk marieke at fronteerstrategy.com
Date: Mon Aug 17 16:31:06 EEST 2009
Hello everybody,

After a great telephone meeting with Jussi Makinen from Nokia, I can  
now share with you the details of the Nokia co-creation project.
But first I want to say that Nokia is going to be very open with the  
whole community during this project. Everybody, whether it is online  
or off-line, will be involved in the development of these Maemo  
concepts and all results will be shared online.
The results after the Summit will be the start for an online  
Brainstorm on Maemo.org, where you can work on the concepts together  
with Nokia. By doing this Nokia is the first company I know that is  
willing to be so open with 'the outside world' in this stage of  
product development and I praise them for that!

So, back to the project - the complete project exists of 5 phases,  
which I will explain now.

PROJECT: "Creativity on the Move"

1) Having a dialogue with the Maemo Community online
In the following weeks, we would like to have a dialogue with you  
about Mobile Creativity. Think about applications that are about  
having fun, that will inspire you to use it, enable quick and easy  
results; it is snappy creativity in action, you feel creative by doing  

The topics we will focus on are:
- Instant and fun media editing/remixing/sharing (combining, editing &  
sharing pictures, music and video on your device)
- Serendipitous (accidental/surprising) content discovery (semantic  
browsing for content stored on your device and internet)

We will ask some questions that you can respond to, or you can bring  
your own ideas to the table. Everything that is said during this  
dialogue will be used as input for the expert co-creation session  
before the Summit.

2) The expert co-creation session
As I mentioned before, on Thursday the 8th of October, there will be  
an expert co-creation session in Amsterdam. An important part of such  
session is finding the right participants. We are always looking for a  
perfect mix of backgrounds, expertise's and personalities. Everybody  
should be open-minded, creative and easy-going in groups.
For this session we want to invite 4-5 Maemo Community members and 4-5  
lead-users or experts from outside the Maemo Community. Together with  
the Nokia team, they will work on new Maemo concepts.
We want to find the right people by asking you to recommend your  
peers, based on their expertise with the topic, as well as their  
activities within the Maemo Community. Of course, you can also apply  
We (Fronteer Strategy) will contact the people that are recommended or  
willing to participate to speak with them in person. Eventually we  
will choose the best mix of participants together with Nokia.

We realise that 5 people out of this large community is very little,  
but all results will be shared with you afterwards.

3) The Maemo Summit Showcase
On Saturday 10 October, the results of the expert co-creation session  
will be put on Maemo.org and will be presented during the Maemo  
Summit. We would like to ask a Nokia and a Maemo participant to  
present these results together. Summit attendees can give their  
opinion and feedback. During the rest of the day, the whole community  
can vote on the concepts online, so that at the end of the day, we  
have insight in the most promising concepts. These will be further  
developed on Sunday.

4) The Garage Session
On Sunday 11 October there will be a Garage session during the Summit.  
During this session, Summit attendees and Nokia will work together on  
creating more tangible concepts. During this session, we want to  
inspire development and creativity; the whole session is about having  
fun and finding the best way to continue.

5) Further Development: Maemo Brainstorm
The results of the Garage Session will again be shared online and are  
the kick-off for a Maemo Community Brainstorm. Also during this phase,  
Nokia values your input and wants to collaboratively develop the  
concepts into a final product that can be made available for end-users.

I hope you have a good idea now of what you can expect the coming  
weeks and how you can be part of this before, during and after the  
Maemo Summit. This week, 2 Nokia product managers will introduce  
themselves on this forum. They will participate in the discussion and  
share the Nokia vision on the topic, which they can also explain into  
more detail.

I will also place the first discussion topic this week, so we can  
start the online dialogue!

looking forward to your reactions,

Marieke Streefkerk
Fronteer Strategy
Prinsengracht 76, 1015 DX  Amsterdam
T   +31 20 475 0555   M  +31 61 502 3805

Co-create with experts? www.welcometorooftop.com

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