[maemo-users] N800 wifi support request

From: Kador Ltd. contact at kador.com
Date: Wed Aug 12 21:58:45 EEST 2009

Please could someone lend some advice to me?

My N800 cannot connect wireless to my new D-link router.

The connection is seen OK but when I try to connect to it, I am asked to
enter WPA pre-shared key...I put in my security key clock OK..wait a few
seconds... then the same request reappears...i.e. the key is not being
recognized and thus no connection is made. I believe my new router is set up
with WP2A security.

All my other WiFi devices e.g. Internet radio, Skype phone, laptops, the
book  were able to connect on the first go after putting in my security key.

Only my N800 cannot go wireless with this router.

Any help or advice to give me to fix this problem be most greatly

Thank you very much.


Dorian Young
Kador  is Master Distributor & supplier of a unique range of safety and
security products for home & business use.

Kador is also the maker of  Seal'n Type protective type-through covers for
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Kador Ltd.
email: contact at kador.com
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