[maemo-users] Fwd: Changing UID and GID on Diablo

From: Martin Collins maemou at mkcollins.org
Date: Tue Aug 18 02:02:10 EEST 2009
I got fed up su-ing and chowning and chgrping when moving files
between my N800 and my Ubuntu laptop by USB.
So I figured I'd change the UID and GID of user on the N800 to match
my laptop (and other machines). I knew that the username was hardcoded
in some key areas but surely they couldn't have done the same with the
UID could they?
Apparently they could.
I change /etc/passwd and /etc/group (using usermod and groupmod),
/sbin/mmc-mount (even though all my SD cards use ext2) and /etc/fstab.
I then changed all my files and rebooted.
The progress bar almost reaches the end before the D-pad light
flashes, but it finishes, the light flashes more, then it reboots.
I installed sysklogd and Fanoush's startup debug messages thing.
The last startup script to run is S45maemo-launcher and the only clue
in the syslog is
 ke_recv[1165]: ke-recv.c:2823: Libosso initialisation failed
 DSME: process '/usr/sbin/ke-recv' with pid 1165 exited with return value 1
 DSME: '/usr/sbin/ke-recv' spawning too fast -> reset
 DSME: Here we will request for sw reset
 DSME: new_state == current_state, not changing
 init: switching to runlevel 6

 /sbin/mce --force-syslog : 2
 /usr/bin/bme_RX-34 : 2
 /usr/bin/multimediad : 5
 /usr/sbin/ke-recv : 6 *

I'm guessing the * means 'this was the latest'.

 /usr/bin/obexsrv -1 : 10
 /usr/bin/hildon-desktop : 20
 /usr/bin/metalayer-crawler -F : 44
 /usr/bin/esd : 18
 /usr/sbin/multimediad : 68
 /usr/sbin/dsp_dld -p --disable-restart -c /lib/dsp/dsp_dld_avs.conf : 18
 /sbin/mce --force-syslog : 23
 /usr/bin/hildon-input-method : 1
 /usr/sbin/ke-recv : 61 *
 /usr/bin/osso-media-server : 2

Has my tablet really been brought down over 250 times? By extraneous
crap like metalayer-crawler and multimediad?

Anyway, all I can glean from this is that libosso has barfed because I
changed my UID.
Has anyone successfully done this? Can anyone suggest how to fool or
fix libosso?

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