[maemo-users] Nokia netbook

From: Shivkumar Chandrasekaran shiv at ece.ucsb.edu
Date: Thu Aug 27 02:51:47 EEST 2009
On 08/26/2009 04:37 PM, lakestevensdental wrote:
> Mark wrote:
>> On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 11:24 AM,
>> lakestevensdental<lakestevensdental at verizon.net>  wrote:
>>>> But they _should_ offer it as a purchase option, and let those of us who
>>>> would rather do without Windows get a better price.
>>> As I understand it, the per unit price for Windows to an OEM is
>>> something like $25/unit, not the $100+ that end users pay (kind of
>>> stupid marketing but that's MS for you).
>>> So the markup for bundling a Windows OS is modest -- probably easily
>>> offset by improved marketability of a Windows vs Linux netbook for the
>>> masses.  For those who really want Ubuntu, you can always add a dual
>>> boot Ubuntu partition on your own.  Typically, most netbooks these days
>>> have 120 or more Gs of HD space -- plenty for a second OS partition.
>>> Always, Fred C
>> But $25 is nothing to sneeze at. I would still rather pay $25 less and
>> install kubuntu on the entire drive than pay $25 more and end up with
>> dual-boot. Either way, it's still Linux I'll be using, so why should I
>> have to pay extra for something I neither want nor need?
> You appear to be ignoring the power of numbers.  Nokia's netbook,
> bundled with Windows will sell far more units with than without.  The
> larger quantity sold with Windows will allow Nokia to produce sell their
> netbook for less than otherwise, perhaps more than $25 less.  Besides,
> having to manage a smallish inventory for a Windowless version would be
> a hassle (expense) for Nokia and sellers.  So get over the $25 cost of
> Windows.  If you want an Ubuntu netbook, just install it when you get it.
> FYI, I've been there done that with an eeeUbuntu netbook.  I installed
> Ubuntu over Xandros. Then I installed nlited XP SP3 so my daughter could
> use it at college (which requires a Windows or Mac OS to work with the
> college's net security).  Of the three OSs I installed, XP appears to
> run the best, it even boots in less than 20 seconds. I guess this is
> another way of saying that if one trims all of the crap off of Windows
> XP, it actually runs pretty nice, without the occasional Ubuntu hassle
> of not being able to install some non-existant Ubuntu flash to get web
> video to work properly.  Which isn't to say the XP that comes with
> netbooks is nLited...

I have a Lenovo S10 netbook dual booting Windows XP and Fedora Core 11 
(with rpmfusion software repository enabled for non-free stuff). I much 
prefer Fedora over XP. Fedora works well: wireless, suspend, hibernate, 
flash videos, videos (via VLC) all work great. I use Sunbird calendar, 
and Thunderbird for email. And I get my Unix development tools that I am 
used to (emacs, gcc, etc..) without hassle. And when I need to run the 
occasional Windows app I have XP ....

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