[maemo-users] Nokia netbook

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Thu Aug 27 03:41:36 EEST 2009
> shiv at ece.ucsb.edu wrote  ---I have a Lenovo S10 netbook dual booting Windows XP and Fedora Core 11 (with rpmfusion software repository enabled for non-free stuff). I much prefer Fedora over XP. Fedora works well: wireless, suspend, hibernate, 
> flash videos, videos (via VLC) all work great. I use Sunbird calendar, 
> and Thunderbird for email. And I get my Unix development tools that I am 
> used to (emacs, gcc, etc..) without hassle. And when I need to run the 
> occasional Windows app I have XP ....
A dual boot is a good way to go. There are a number of good Linux 

I'm a tennis buff and with Windows, I can watch a variety of live 
matches on ESPN.com because I use one of ESPN's broadband affiliates 
(Verizon).  This requires a special flash/activeX that, last I checked, 
wasn't available on Ubuntu.  If I had an Ubuntu only netbook, I'd be out 
of luck at least until the plugin comes available.. 

  Then again, it wouldn't surprise me if someday soon MS starts messing 
with not providing its XP world with support to maintain Vista capable 
plugins and flashes -- hopefully Ubuntu (or some other distro) will have 
caught up by then...   I sort of given up hope that Maemo will every 
catch up with new flashes for the n810 world, but one never knows.

As a aside, I'm a UCSB grad -- molecular bio.  UCSB is the best 
University experience available -- hard to beat being surrounded by 
beach on two sides.  Study hard, party harder... :)

Always, Fred C
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