[maemo-users] Nokia netbook

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Thu Aug 27 03:39:06 EEST 2009
lakestevensdental wrote:
> You appear to be ignoring the power of numbers.  Nokia's netbook, 
> bundled with Windows will sell far more units with than without.  The 
> larger quantity sold with Windows will allow Nokia to produce sell their 
> netbook for less than otherwise, perhaps more than $25 less.  Besides, 
> having to manage a smallish inventory for a Windowless version would be 
> a hassle (expense) for Nokia and sellers.  So get over the $25 cost of 
> Windows.  If you want an Ubuntu netbook, just install it when you get it.

The "hassle" you speak of comes from dealing with an 800 pound gorilla
that has historically only been reigned in by the Commission of the
European Communities. The US Dept of Justice lawsuit only taught
Microsoft to continue to buy whatever mind share they want so long as
they don't get caught doing it. It ultimately comes down to end users
having a productive dialogue with their vendors. DELL has a website
(ideastorm.com) for just such a thing. Also, there are plenty of
resources out there for promoting Linux and open source software in
general. In summary, the most successful tactics I've used and heard
about over the years are quite simple; don't be a jerk. DELL welcomes
customer feedback about their experimentation with Linux devices. Some
of it's distilled in the quotes below but there is plenty more
information in the source article and elsewhere.


"Speaking at OpenSource World, ... Todd Finch, Dell senior product
marketing manager, said the number of Linux returns are approximately
the same as those for Windows netbooks. ... Dell sells three machines
running the Ubuntu Linux distro: the Atom-based Mini 10v, which can be
classed as a netbook, plus the Inspiron 15n and XPS M1330n that run Core
2 Duo chips. ... Where consumers have returned machines, Finch said, it
wasn't because of technical problems but because they'd bought a
low-priced machine expecting Windows and opened it to find a different
interface. Consumers had responded to the low price, he said - the Mini
10v retails for $299 online. 'Now we are trying to be a little more
explicit in our advertising,' Finch said. 'We are not seeing any
technical reasons for why they are returning Linux machines so...we
don't see a significant difference between the return rate for Windows
versus the rate for Linux. We've been quite pleased with the stability
and technical soundness of the Linux machines.' ... Microsoft is famous
for having locked down the retail channel by providing retailers with
cash and marketing resources to enable everything from endorsements of
Windows on PCs to stocking and positioning of product in the stores and
on shelves."

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