[maemo-users] Wiki Page on Navigation Tools for Maemo

From: Rainer Dorsch rdorsch at web.de
Date: Fri Jun 12 23:03:06 EEST 2009
Hi Christoph,

thanks for your reply.

Am Freitag, 12. Juni 2009 schrieb Christoph Eckert:
> Hi,
> > http://wiki.maemo.org/Navigation_Tools
> concerning Navit, it automatically routes if it has a gps fix and a
> destination. A destination can either be set by pressing on the map and
> selecting "set as destination" from the appearing context menu, or via the
> address search.

which guy are you using? internal or gtk? I did not get that working with 

> Navit looks promising, but it requires some extra coding for the tablets
> still. Editing the XML file is not "acceptable" for the average user, but
> this theoretically could be solved by providing an adjusted config file via
> the nightly builds. However, someone then needs to keep the default and the
> adjusted config file in sync. Or the nightly build must do some sed magic.

I would think that maintaining a custom xml file is worthwile. Could the 
nightly build script pull one from a server (e.g. maemo wiki)?

> The mailing lists are pretty useless, but the main communication channel
> for navit is on IRC. You will find the core hackers there as well as some
> users.

Thanks, that is a good comment.


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