[maemo-users] Wiki Page on Navigation Tools for Maemo

From: Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Date: Sat Jun 20 17:13:03 EEST 2009

> which guy are you using? internal or gtk? I did not get that working with
> internal.

well, "this depends" :) .

Using the internal GUI, on the map, navigate to a location. Go to the menu, 
action, globe, set as position. Then go back to the map and do the same for 
the destination. Should give you a nice route.

> > Navit looks promising, but it requires some extra coding for the tablets
> > still. Editing the XML file is not "acceptable" for the average user, but
> > this theoretically could be solved by providing an adjusted config file
> > via the nightly builds. However, someone then needs to keep the default
> > and the adjusted config file in sync. Or the nightly build must do some
> > sed magic.
> I would think that maintaining a custom xml file is worthwile. Could the
> nightly build script pull one from a server (e.g. maemo wiki)?

IMO this is pretty useless. This would work for a while, until the file format 
changes somehow.

It would be better to prepare the config file for the tablets as much as 
possible and then change a couple of lines during build time. This will break 
one day as well, but could then be fixed much easier as updating/syncing a 
custom config wilf with the main config file.


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