[maemo-users] Navit crahes on my N810

From: COURTAUD Didier didier.courtaud at cea.fr
Date: Tue Jun 23 11:21:16 EEST 2009
I use Navit for a while but since I downloaded the latest version, it crashes very often.

When I launch it at the beginning, it works normally without the GPS signal
but immediately after receiving the signals of the internal GPS receiver ( green lines appearing on the GPS icon )
it crashes.

And when I try to relaunchit, it crashes immediately.

Here is the log when I launch it in xterm :

~ $ navit
vehicle_gpsd:vehicle_gpsd_try_open:Connected to gpsd fd=4 evwatch=0xfe720
navit:main:Using '/home/user/.navit/navit.xml'
gui_internal:gui_internal_resize:w=720 h=420 children=(nil)
navit:navigation_itm_new:no street item
navit:command_new:entry 55 exit 27
sh: gdb: not found

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