[maemo-users] R: 3g/2g setting and data roaming

From: Matteo Nerozzi matteo.nerozzi at gmail.com
Date: Sun Nov 1 18:25:34 EET 2009

If it were possible to set two different cellular data connection ( like in
the bug 5791 https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5791) you will be able
to set the umts connection "always allow" and the other gprs connection
"always ask".



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Hello Andrea,

As far as I can see it in the Phone settings you cannot set the  
network mode seperately for voice and data. What you can do though is  
prevent automatic Data Roaming. You can switch between "always ask"  
and "always allow".


Am 01.11.2009 um 16:01 schrieb Andrea Borgia:

> Hi.
> A question for people with a N900 and a 3G subscription, H3G  
> preferably:
> can you set the network mode (3g vs 2g vs dual) *separately* for voice
> and data?

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