[maemo-users] 3g/2g setting and data roaming

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Sun Nov 1 19:02:34 EET 2009
2009/11/1 Andrea Borgia <andrea at borgia.bo.it>:
> Hi.
> A question for people with a N900 and a 3G subscription, H3G preferably:
> can you set the network mode (3g vs 2g vs dual) *separately* for voice
> and data?
> H3G Italy does not have perfect UMTS coverage so they give free roaming,
> but only for voice calls, while data traffic on other network is outside
> the data plan. I'd like to be able to tell the phone to only use UMTS
> for data and whatever goes for voice calls.
> However hard I looked, I only found a master switch for the network mode
> that doesn't differentiate between voice and data and bugzilla has
> nothing on that.
> Comments?

Yes, there is no way to have data go on a network type and voice on another.

Anyway, when you switch provider (e.g. roam), voice continues to work
and you are asked
for data roaming. So I don't see the issue here.

You will never roam data over a "friend" provider unless you tell the phone to.

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