[maemo-users] swollen battery

From: bill keiser bk2 at sharpstick.org
Date: Fri Nov 6 15:45:32 EET 2009
 i recently pulled my N-800 out of the drawer to set it up as a GPS(my 
car unit got stolen!) and saw that the battery drawer was not flush. 
when i popped it open, i found that the battery had swollen up to about 
1.5 it's normal size, exposing the silver skin of the cell inside. it 
didn't rupture, but the battery door now seems to be permanently warped. 
two of my other spares are also slightly swollen. the bad one is a nokia 
OEM one.
 no major damage done. i plan to try to charge it back up and see if it 
still works and buy a couple new batteries.
bill keiser
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