[maemo-users] swollen battery

From: Dan Ritter dsr at tao.merseine.nu
Date: Thu Nov 5 17:22:27 EET 2009
On Fri, Nov 06, 2009 at 08:45:32AM -0500, bill keiser wrote:
>  i recently pulled my N-800 out of the drawer to set it up as a GPS(my 
> car unit got stolen!) and saw that the battery drawer was not flush. 
> when i popped it open, i found that the battery had swollen up to about 
> 1.5 it's normal size, exposing the silver skin of the cell inside. it 
> didn't rupture, but the battery door now seems to be permanently warped. 
> two of my other spares are also slightly swollen. the bad one is a nokia 
> OEM one.
>  no major damage done. i plan to try to charge it back up and see if it 
> still works and buy a couple new batteries.

do NOT try to charge the swollen battery!



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