[maemo-users] Auto Shut Off of 810

From: Jean-Christian de Rivaz jc at eclis.ch
Date: Fri Nov 6 18:49:29 EET 2009
Dr. Nicholas Shaw a écrit :
> I'm wondering if anyone else has had this occur and, if so, were you able to
> resolve it short of buying a new 810.  When I plug my N810 into power to
> recharge, it reboots on its own.  I've come to accept it as an annoyance. 
> Thanks,

I have observed the same things with my N810 too. The problem go more 
end more worse with the time, to the point where it reboot every 3 to 5 
minutes. I then inspected the battery and see that it shape is not 
completely flat anymore but have some difference in the height of his 
main surfaces. It's very noticeable by passing the finger along the surface.

I have buy a new battery and then my N810 work now like a new one.

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