[maemo-users] Auto Shut Off of 810

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Fri Nov 6 21:49:35 EET 2009
Thank you, Jean-Christian.  I appreciate your detailed response!  

Once the N900 comes out (this month, hopefully), if the apps I use are
available (or a suitable replacement present) then this may be mute.  Until
then, I'll continue to troubleshoot this.  I now have different options.


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Dr. Nicholas Shaw a écrit :
> Mark,
> I don't really install a lot of apps.  Well, maybe I have as I have 21
> but they're not new (mostly business apps like gnumeric, xournal, password
> safe, multilist, GPE suite, etc.  One difference is that I received a lot
> updates to password safe (about six) just before this started happening
> (about two weeks ago).  The changes, I believe, were really targeted at
> Fremantle. I'm not thinking that's the problem but I will take a look at
> apps.  I hate to reflash and then have to restart the loads all over again
> (I really hated that on the N800).
> Thanks,


Before buying a new battery, I also have reflashed the system, but this
had made no impact on my N810. Replaced the battery was the solution for
my particular case. But as a battery in expensive, I encourage you to
verify any other possible cause.

Now to be extremely precise, I noticed the problem the day after having
flashed the last OS into the N810 to try the Canola2 application that
did not install into the old OS. I first suspected that Canola2 eat too
much power but the day after the same problem occurred without using
Canola2. Then I flashed the old OS back and observed that my N810 still
reboot while recharging, and so more en more often. Now my N810 work fin
with a new battery and the last OS (but I did not install Canola2).

So I concluded that that flashing the new OS was not the cause of the
problem, but an hazard in the timeline of the events.


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