[maemo-users] N900 battery duration

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Fri Oct 16 12:47:29 EEST 2009

Andrea Grandi wrote:
> At least for me, battery doesn't last so much... for example one day I
> charged it at 10:30 and it lasted only until 18:30 without using GPS,
> fotocamera, wifi, bluetooth, ecc.... just 20 minutes connected in
> UMTS/HSDPA and the rest of the time keeping it in my pocket.

My experience is that it lasts fine from plugging out the charger until
I get home in the evening around 20h or 21h. If I don't plug it in, I
tend to be out of battery around midday the following day.

That said, there have been days when it hasn't lasted a day, especially
with wifi on a lot, and when I've made several phone calls.

I had a problem with syncing my contact list (which I'll be reporting as
soon as I get time) which caused me issues during the week, so for the
time being I've moved back to my old phone for cellphone calls, but I
move to the N900 as often as I can in the office.

I installed quite a few apps from extras and etras-testing, but nothing
which is on all the time, except "sync for exchange" - and to reduce
battery usage there I've reduced sync frequency to once every 4 hours there.

Web browsing seems to be the major issue, especially on JS or Flash
heavy sites.


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