[maemo-users] powertop (was: N900 battery duration)

From: Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com
Date: Sat Oct 17 08:47:45 EEST 2009
sorry for topposting, owa sucks big time :-(

pmtrackerdaemon is a tool for internal usage which monitors the system and crashes when idle states have not been reached for a while.
it is not part of the images released.
it intefers with powertop, so powertop tries to remove it.
running powertop a second time should work.
powertop is not the best tool to track problems: the best way is to start from a clean slate, install apps one by one and check them first with top and strace.
the powertop can be used.
a less precise but simpler way is to enable rd mode, let the keyboard open and observe the backlight leds.
the less they are on, the better.

the reference should be an idle device, free from 3rd party applications, especially untested stuff coming out from the plain extras repository.

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Andrea Grandi wrote:
> # powertop
> Powertop 1.13.3
> status: Unknown job: pmtrackerdaemon
> Mounting debugfs...FAILED

I get the same.

Any idea what's that about?

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