[maemo-users] Syncing Maemo PIM apps with KDE PIM 4.3/4.4

From: Gunter Ohrner G.Ohrner at post.rwth-aachen.de
Date: Tue Feb 2 00:10:13 EET 2010

I just noticed the N900 smartphone and am pretty impressed. Especially I 
like the fact to have a basically uncrippled and rather open environment 
on my PDA, the fact it's running Linux just tops it off.

However I was not able to find a definitive answer if it's easily 
possible to sync the Maemo default PIM apps with the KDE PIM suite. I'm 
happy about any pointers to docs, good howtos or older mailing list 
threads discussing this topic, I'm willing to RTFM, but could not find 
much concrete information so far.

Note I do not want to run KDE PIM on this device, which would work 
according to the information I googled. I'm using KDE PIM on my main 
computer and would like to sync my mobile with these apps. I'm currently 
using a Palm Centro which I explicitely bought - despide PalmOS 5 being 
a dead platform and the device being technically outdated - because 
syncing it using KDE kpilot works pretty reliably and simple.

However, as kpilot won't be part of KDE SC 4.4 due to lack of a 
Maintainer and PalmOS support is increasingly dropped everywhere else as 
well, I'm starting to actively look for an alternative PDA platform.

I'd prefer a simple and direct mobile <-> desktop sync solution, but 
it'd also be possible to use some intermediate server software if that 
would be neccessary. It's more important that the sync tools are 
relatively mature and work without much hassle, without custom patching 
and compiling against some very special versions of some obscure 
libraries, and without eating my appointments for breakfast - to 
summarise, I'm hoping for some sync solution which just works "out of 
the box".

Thanks for any tips, hints and pointers!


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