[maemo-users] Syncing Maemo PIM apps with KDE PIM 4.3/4.4

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Date: Tue Feb 2 00:41:41 EET 2010

In the message dated: Mon, 01 Feb 2010 23:10:13 +0100,
The pithy ruminations from Gunter Ohrner on 
<Syncing Maemo PIM apps with KDE PIM 4.3/4.4> were:
=> Hi!
=> I just noticed the N900 smartphone and am pretty impressed. Especially I 
=> like the fact to have a basically uncrippled and rather open environment 
=> on my PDA, the fact it's running Linux just tops it off.
=> However I was not able to find a definitive answer if it's easily 
=> possible to sync the Maemo default PIM apps with the KDE PIM suite. I'm 
=> happy about any pointers to docs, good howtos or older mailing list 
=> threads discussing this topic, I'm willing to RTFM, but could not find 
=> much concrete information so far.
=> Note I do not want to run KDE PIM on this device, which would work 
=> according to the information I googled. I'm using KDE PIM on my main 
=> computer and would like to sync my mobile with these apps. I'm currently 
=> using a Palm Centro which I explicitely bought - despide PalmOS 5 being 
=> a dead platform and the device being technically outdated - because 
=> syncing it using KDE kpilot works pretty reliably and simple.
=> However, as kpilot won't be part of KDE SC 4.4 due to lack of a 
=> Maintainer and PalmOS support is increasingly dropped everywhere else as 
=> well, I'm starting to actively look for an alternative PDA platform.
=> I'd prefer a simple and direct mobile <-> desktop sync solution, but 

 I'm using 
KDEPIMPI (despite the name, this is NOT a KDE product). It runs under Linux 
(ARM and x86) and Windows....but it's doesn't natively sync to Google. 
My solution to this has been to use intermediate client software. Specifically, 
when I want to sync from kdepimpi to google:

	kdepimpi => desktop (as ical file) => gcaldaemon => google

As long as the PIM can write an icalendar file (note, this is the icalendar 
standard, not a Apple product), then this method should work with almost any 

If the PIM supports custom "sync" hooks, then the process could be:

	[PIM] execute sync to google
		run sync2google script
			use icaldaemon to download latest google calendar as
			ical file

			sync current PIM state vrs ical file from google

			save synchronized version as a new ical file

			use icaldaemon to upload new ical file to google

Between Perl & icaldaemon, I've got this process working as described 
on my Linux desktop & my N810 running Diablo.


=> it'd also be possible to use some intermediate server software if that 
=> would be neccessary. It's more important that the sync tools are 
=> relatively mature and work without much hassle, without custom patching 
=> and compiling against some very special versions of some obscure 
=> libraries, and without eating my appointments for breakfast - to 
=> summarise, I'm hoping for some sync solution which just works "out of 
=> the box".
=> Thanks for any tips, hints and pointers!
=>   Gunter
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