[maemo-users] Nokia N900 : problems connecting to home Wireless LAN (from ADSL)

From: Alessio Stella alessio.stella at hotmail.it
Date: Mon Feb 8 12:43:54 EET 2010
Thank you but i 've already tried that
it didn't solve

> From: anidel at gmail.com
> Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 10:39:22 +0000
> Subject: Re: Nokia N900 : problems connecting to home Wireless LAN (from ADSL)
> To: alessio.stella at hotmail.it
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> On 8 February 2010 10:01, Alessio Stella <alessio.stella at hotmail.it> wrote:
> > Dear all,
> >     I have a new Nokia N900 that connects very bad to the wireless (WLAN
> > WiFi as you will call it) of the router connected to my ADSL internet
> > connection. This router has no problems with several PCs i have used so far.
> > Instead the Nokia N900 connects, is able to download some emails or
> > low-weight web pages but is very slow and has many problems in downloading
> > most web pages. If instead I connect my Nokia N900 to the mobile (GSM GPRS
> > UMTS as you might call it) data connection the connection is faster and i
> > can download without much problems most web pages I have tried. The
> > connection is much better with mobile GPRS then with Wireless!! Please help
> > me!
> > I have also asked for a substitution of the device, I have tried with
> > another Nokia N900 and again the same behaviour.
> >
> > Alessio Stella
> >
> The N900 has a rather aggressive power management policy over wifi.
> If you go edit your WiFi connection settings (in Settings->Internet
> Connections-><you WiFi connection> ->
> Advanced Panel -> Other
> you will see the "Power saving" drop down selector. By default is On
> at Maximum, try lowering it to On Intermediate first and then totally
> Off if you still experience problems and I am sure it will work fine
> with your router.
> The issue is, the lower you set that setting, the more battery it'll
> suck out of your N900.
> Thus, if you really want to use the N900 at its max when at home, I'd
> suggest to change it.
> Aniello
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