[maemo-users] Nokia N900 : problems connecting to home Wireless LAN (from ADSL)

From: Alessio Stella alessio.stella at hotmail.it
Date: Mon Feb 8 14:16:12 EET 2010
I had setup only one wireless connection and the SIM card (for mobile connection) was not in the device, so only one setup connection was active

of course the device receives also the signal of other wireless connections of nearby flats, but for those of course i don't own the WAP key and the connection for those is not established

I will try to view log files from the router
but i guess i won't manage cause it is a router provided (rented) by the telephone provider, for which only some limited assistance is provided.

> Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 10:58:47 +0000
> Subject: Re: Nokia N900 : problems connecting to home Wireless LAN (from ADSL)
> From: emlynj at gmail.com
> To: alessio.stella at hotmail.it
> On 08/02/2010, Alessio Stella <alessio.stella at hotmail.it> wrote:
> >
> > Thank you but i 've already tried that
> > it didn't solve
> >
> What connections do you have setup in settings-Internet Connections?
> Do you have more than one wifi connection configured? (just so we can
> be 100 percent sure we're configuring the correct one).
> Are you able to view any log files from your router to see what it
> thinks about the connection from the N900?
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